“Strive for excellence, do your best, honor God, and have fun!”


CCA endeavors to cultivate an enthusiastic and passionate approach to teaching music. Music is meant to inspire, to move the soul, to provoke emotion and be used to worship God. It is also meant to be fun! Using traditional educational practices combined with a broad repertoire of musical selections (from Classical and Jazz to Folk and Rock), the goal of the music program at CCA is to provide an extensive exposure to musical influences throughout history and throughout the world while instilling a sense of accomplishment in music performance, the ability to work together as a group for a common goal, and to use music as a way of communicating our love for God and for others through artistic expression.


Our music curriculum is integrated into the classical model of the trivium beginning at the earliest stages of a child’s education. Students in Grades PK-8 participate in General Music classes that combine a variety of musical styles and pedagogical approaches. The emphasis in the early elementary stage is on “conversational solfege”, providing an immersion in the grammar of musical language. Students experience music through singing, instruments, rhythm activities, movement, and listening. As students progress to the upper grammar and logic school grades they learn to read and write music notation, making a visual connection to their aural experiences.


As students progress into the rhetoric school, elective opportunities in music are available including Music & Media, Music Theory & Composition, History of American Pop Music and independent studies in Music Production. Students have opportunities to compose, record, and perform their own musical works as well as a vast and resplendent repertoire drawing from composers of the past and present. Students also experience the power music has to influence others and how music can be used to affect positive change. These approaches to music learning enhance the fine arts experience in the upper school and compliment a strong foundation for the performing arts.


Beginning as early as Kindergarten, students may elect to participate in the CCA instrumental and chorale program, taking lessons or participating in ensembles, which include the following opportunities:


–   Piano, Violin, and Cello Lessons beginning in Kindergarten

–   Voice, Guitar, Bass and Drums beginning in 3rd grade

–   All Band Instruments beginning in grade 4

–   Grammar School String Ensemble (Grade K-6)

–   Junior Chorale (Grade 4, 5, & 6)

–   Beginning Band (Grade 4)

–   Intermediate Band (Grade 5 & 6)

–   Logic School Chorale (Grade 7 & 8)

–   Rhetoric School Chorale (Grade 9-12)

–   USLR Concert Band (Grades 7-12)

–   USLR Jazz Band (Grades 7-12)

–   USLR String Ensemble (Grade 7-12)

–   Logic School Worship Band (Grades 7 & 8)

–   Rhetoric School Worship Band (Grades 9-12)


Students are periodically given opportunities to perform solo instrumental works at recitals, music festivals, and select performances throughout the year. Students also have the opportunity to audition for Junior (January) and Senior (November) Districts. These programs are an important step for students who wish to pursue deeper music learning throughout their upper school experience and beyond.