Covenant Christian Academy’s Board of Directors bears ultimate responsibility for the overall success and well-being of the school and is entrusted with preserving our distinctive mission. The Board ensures that each child enrolled at CCA is challenged academically, is nurtured in their individual talents and abilities, is supported as a part of our community, and is instructed by teachers who meaningfully integrate faith with learning.


The Board of Directors is made up of proven leaders from diverse backgrounds, drawn together by a common interest in the success and growth of CCA. The Board promotes the school’s mission, appoints and oversees the Head of School, establishes broad policies, plans strategically for the school’s future, and stewards the school’s financial and capital resources. Board members are nominated and elected by the full board. New board members are selected based on the immediate and long-term needs of the school. The full board meets regularly to receive reports from the Head of School, to vote on policy governance issues, and to receive reports from committees.




Board of Directors


Dr. Ryan Plosker, Chairman
CCA Parent; Founder and Executive Director, New England Academy


Mr. Les Baird, Vice-Chairman
CCA Parent; Senior Partner, Bain & Company


Mrs. Kathy Azadian

Former CCA Parent, Dean of Students, Athletic Director; Director of Human Resources & Administration at Poly6 Technologies


Mr. Marcio DeJesus

CCA Parent; Founder and Broker-owner of MJ Mortgage Corporation


Dr. Chrystal Porter

CCA Parent; Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Lasell University




Mr. Gordon M. EnfieldDirector Emeritus
CCA Grandparent; President, Enfield Realty Associates


Dr. Gregory K. Beale, Director Emeritus

Founder of Covenant Christian Academy; Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary


Dr. Richard F. GrossDirector Emeritus (†)

CCA Grandparent; Retired President, Gordon College (Wenham, MA)