Covenant delivers a high quality education, and we strive to do that at a reasonable cost to parents.



Application Fee

A $75 application fee must accompany an application for admission.
A $250 application fee must accompany an international application for admission.



Tuition for 2021-2022 School Year

Pre-School – 2 (½) day program    $3,750
Pre-School – 2 Full day program –  $4,500
Pre Kindergarten – 3 (½) day program –  $5,500
Pre Kindergarten – 3 Full day program –  $6,675
Pre Kindergarten – 5 (½) day program –  $8,475
Pre Kindergarten – 5 Full day program –  $10,125
4-day Kindergarten – $11,495
5-day Kindergarten  – $12,675
Grades 1-4 – $13,250
Grades 5-8  – $15,250
Grades 9-12  – $17,150

International – $28,000



Tuition Details

Included in the cost of Tuition    

  • Technology Fee
  • Upper School Fine Arts Participation , including all theatrical productions and musical ensembles, that  fulfill the participation / graduation requirement.
  • Grammar School Fine Arts Participation, including all musical ensembles, that fulfill the participation requirement.
  • CCA Athletic Team Participation at the 6th – 12th grade levels.
  • All Textbooks and Required Novels
  • All Day Field Trips (Pre-K through 12th Grade), including Trip T-Shirts at the Grammar School Level
  • All In-School Class Parties

Not-Included in the cost of Tuition

  • After-The-Bell Care from 3:00 – 5:30pm. $12/hour each student.
  • Out of State or Overnight Class Trips
  • Optional Private Music Lessons
  • Optional Private Tutoring
  • Hot Lunch 
  • Fees for optional participation in Grammar School After School Activities (including GS Play) or Upper School Clubs
  • School Uniforms (for Kindergarten through Grade 8)



Tuition Deposit

The tuition deposit secures a child’s place in the desired class and is nonrefundable. The non-refundable deposit will be applied to total tuition due and is not an additional cost.
Pre-Kindergarten  – $500
Grades K-12  – $1,000
International Students – $2,500



Tuition Payment Schedule

We contract with FACTS Tuition Management for the collection of tuition payments.  FACTS provides families with the following options:  one time full payment, four quarterly payments or ten monthly payments. (The payment in full option is dues by May 1st.) With FACTS, families can enroll in an ACH payment plan from a checking or savings account, administered by FACTS.  Payments are then electronically withdrawn from the family’s account on the fifth of the month from May 5th through March 5th (on the 10 month plan) or on May 5th, July 5th, September 5th and November 5th on the four-payment plan. Tuition and general financial questions can be directed to CCA’s Business Office at (978) 535-7100 or send email .



Financial Assistance

Limited amounts of need-based financial aid are available to qualified families. Covenant Christian Academy employs FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, a third party, to perform a financial need analysis for all financial aid requests, and they, in turn, make a recommendation to CCA. The Financial Aid Committee at CCA then uses this information to make the final decision on financial aid awards.


Application Process

Apply online at the FACTS website . The application website has all the forms and requirements that must be completed in order to be considered for financial aid. Incomplete applications will not be considered for aid. 



The deadline for receipt of completed financial aid materials is February 5th for the 2022-23 academic year. Materials received after this date are processed on a rolling basis, subject to the availability of funds. Families reapplying for financial aid who submit their application late will incur a reduction in aid from previous years.


Should you have any questions, or if you have extenuating circumstances that are not reflected in the information you provide through FACTS, please submit a letter of explanation by email to


How FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Works 

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment uses key personal and financial information to evaluate your need for financial aid. By completing an application, you will provide the necessary information to help your school administrators make an informed decision about awarding tuition aid.  FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will make a recommendation to the educational institution on how much financial assistance is needed by each family that has applied. The final decision on how much financial aid to be given to each family rests with the educational institution.


Tuition Model During Remote Learning


The tuition rates set by the Board of Directors for the 2021-2022 school year in January still apply. As previously communicated, the Finance Committee and Board of Directors began working towards a flexible tuition model back in May. Although Covenant is unaware of any other school offering tuition discounts such as this, the spirit behind the model is to further partner with CCA families during challenging times.


In addition to devoting human resources to keep our community safe this year, Covenant invested substantially in its facilities, personal protection equipment, and technology. In fact, while Covenant’s staffing expenses and facility mortgage are its two largest expenses, spending on COVID-19 related items is the third largest expense for fiscal year 2021. Further, 85% of Covenant’s expenses are fixed expenses. In other words, the vast majority of our expenses do not decline if the School is forced to turn to remote learning. With the addition of substantial COVID-19 related expenses, Covenant’s total spending increased, while the number of students enrolled intentionally decreased.


While we spared no expense to ensure the safe return to campus this Fall, the COVID-19 virus levied a cost on us all: the School’s preparation and contingency, the students having to forgo community events they love, and the increased role of parents during remote learning. Therefore, the Board of Directors instituted the following flexible tuition model for the 2020-2021 School year in the event that Covenant, in its entirety, is forced by government mandate to turn to remote learning.


For any day, past 20 school days of government mandated remote learning, the following discount rates will apply:

  • 20% for Preschool and Kindergarten
  • 15% for Grades 1 and 2
  • 10% for Grades 3 – 12

Any realized discount will be refunded after the last official day of school but before June 30, 2021. The discount will be calculated by totaling the number of government mandated days of remote learning past 20 days, calculating each family’s net per day tuition cost (net of scholarships and financial aid), and applying the applicable discount to paid tuition for those days, up to a maximum of $750 per student. Any refunds will be applied first to outstanding account balances. In the event that a student, group of students, grade level, or family group are required to temporarily quarantine in the case of an exposure to COVID-19 (perceived or otherwise) or positive COVID-19 diagnosis, Covenant will not reimburse any tuition. Preparations are in place for those students to continue learning remotely during their quarantine.