CCA has been blessed with a bright, spacious building, all on one level. There are many interior courtyards, adding light to classrooms, and a space for students to get outside for a breathe of fresh air from their classrooms.


The building is intentionally divided into sections, organizing students by school and age group. Each group has their own space, including their own restrooms and areas for storage. Students even use separate entrances to the building. Although we are a Pre-k through grade 12 school, our building is divided in such a way as to contain groups of students with their appropriate peer group, making sure our hallways are always a comfortable place for students of all ages.


Exterior Doors to the building remain locked at all times and are accessible only through a camera and buzzer system at the Main Entrance. We staff the Main Office Reception Desk from 7:30am through 5:30pm each school day, ensuring there is oversight of the Main Entrance at all times when students are present on campus.


CCA enjoys a good working relationship with our local Police Department and regularly consults with them regarding best practices for school security and safety. We maintain, run drills, and regularly review our Emergency Procedures for both evacuation and lock down situations. Our staff is ALICE trained and CPR Certified.  We desire to always be a safe and secure campus for all our students and faculty.


Covenant Christian Academy expects its students to uphold the rights and wellbeing of others. As a school community, CCA prohibits bullying, physical or verbal assault, hazing, abuse, cruelty, or any sort of harassment (on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, class or disability), and regards such acts as serious discipline offenses. Our full Anti-Bullying Policy can be found in our Parent / Student Handbooks, available to parents through RenWeb, our student management system.