Covenant Christian Academy is committed to offering students a classical yet modern education. To that end, CCA provides students with access to technology that will improve and benefit their learning.


There are two computer labs on campus, one for Grammar School students and one for Logic and Rhetoric School students.  Each lab is equipped with iMac computers with high-speed internet access.


Every classroom is equipped with a projector and/or a SmartBoard that allows for increased student interaction with the material being presented. Students have access to a computer lab that can be used for research, word processing, photo and video editing, and much more.


Students are allowed to use their personal devices during study hall and have access to our high speed, content filtered, wi-fi network. This is closely monitored to ensure good and appropriate use of the internet. We believe that technology is not a replacement for good quality instruction but that it can be used to supplement the effective teaching that already takes place throughout our school each day.