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School Profile


At Covenant Christian Academy we believe that College Counseling is one of the most important things we do with Rhetoric School students. College, like private schooling, is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Finding the right college is all about “fit”; a student must know herself and her goals and so can begin to make educated decisions about what college or university would best help her meet those goals.


We make practiced use of the online tool Naviance. Naviance helps students learn about themselves and their interests while offering a streamlined process for submitting college materials online. Students will be trained on Naviance and have benchmarks for each of their Rhetoric School years.


Year One (Grade 9): Focus on academic and co-curricular resume. Take strong courses and do well in them (don’t bite off more than you can chew). Target appropriate co-curricular activities such as the arts (visual or performing) or athletics and work hard to learn and grow in that area. In the spring of their 9th grade year, students are introduced to Naviance Family Connection and the Career Interest Survey.


Year Two (Grade 10): Continue to take challenging academic courses and build a strong academic and co-curricular resume. Use Naviance to research colleges that have programs matching your career interests. Prepare for the PSAT test and take a workshop on the college search process and finding the right college fit. Begin to build a resume of student leadership and community service.


Year Three (Grade 11): Work with the College Advisors to choose the best elective courses to meet your college goals. Prepare for the SAT and attend a workshop on how to write the college essay. Attend a workshop on “Visiting Colleges.” Choose 5-10 colleges for a list (in Naviance) of “Colleges I’m interested In.” Continue to take challenging courses and get strong grades. Continue to build a resume of student leadership and community service.


Year Four (Grade 12): In the Senior Rhetoric course (required for all seniors) you will begin working on personal writing and the college essay. Link the Common Application to Naviance (September) for those students who will be applying to schools that take the Common Application. Ask teachers to write recommendations and give them deadlines. Work with the College Counseling Office to make sure your application is ready and you meet all your deadlines. Sit back and wait for the good news! Finish well in areas of academics, co-curricular activities, leadership and community service.


At CCA the Dean of Academics and the College Counselor are always available to meet with students and parents about the college process. It is important to communicate well and work hard to meet expectations.