Our Mission

Covenant Christian Academy offers a Christian and Classical education that builds students’ academic, spiritual and social foundations for lives of leadership and service in today’s global community. A Covenant education prepares students to excel in collegiate studies and intellectual pursuits, nurtures Christian faith and character, and fosters individual gifts and abilities.



Our Values

1. The conviction of absolute truth lies at the core of a Covenant education: God is the source of all realities and ultimate truth in the universe.


2. A Covenant education affirms the innate value of each child as made in the image of God and cultivates Christian faith as the moral and spiritual foundation for educating the whole person: mind, body, and soul.


3. Covenant maintains an integral philosophy of faith and learning that rejects the sharp distinction between the sacred and the secular and integrates Biblical truth into each subject area. We believe God-given wisdom enables us to understand truth in general revelation, just as God-given faith enlightens us to comprehend and respond to special revelation as revealed in the Word of God.


4. Covenant teachers assume a fundamental responsibility to partner with the home in the dynamic process of educating the child. The teacher directs the child’s learning by providing him/her with instruction, authentic modeling, nurturing discipline, support, and encouragement to the end that the child will be led in the direction of truth, righteousness, and moral excellence.


5. Covenant’s Christian and Classical education upholds a standard of academic rigor where students are challenged to meet high academic expectations and experience the genuine satisfaction that comes from doing their best work, thereby bringing glory to God.


6. Covenant prioritizes the essential need to master the English language and seeks to graduate students with strong reading, writing, and speaking skills, necessary for critical thinking, discernment and the defense of truth.


7. Covenant prepares students with a broad liberal arts education for service to God, His Church, and society. This wide spectrum includes instruction in language arts, mathematics, lab science, social science, world languages, the fine arts, technology, and physical education. Each is integral to a classical, well-balanced curriculum.


8. Covenant’s faculty seeks to implement documented well-researched methodology in teaching practices. While Covenant’s philosophy of education is not dependent on innovations in the content of education, we recognize that the study of pedagogy (how to teach) has yielded vital information to enhance learning. Covenant’s professional faculty members employ proven methods of instruction to address basic learning styles.


9. Covenant’s community reflects an atmosphere of love and respect for the individual that strengthens our bond with one another.