At Covenant, the safety and security of each student, faculty member, and guest is of the highest priority. Exterior doors accessing CCA’s space are locked at all times, with entrance possible only through a camera system controlled by our Main Offices. Our Main Office, located in the Grammar School, is staffed daily from 7:30am until 5:30pm. Recent security enhancements included the installation of an actively monitored internal and external security camera system, which records activity 24/7, and exterior security doors.


Covenant’s Faculty is trained each year using the ALICE protocol and, beginning in 2023, our students will be ALICE trained using age-appropriate instruction. Covenant conducts a series of ALICE drills throughout the school year, as well as fire drills, to ensure we are prepared to respond in case of emergency. Aiding in our emergency response is a technology platform, Raptor Alert, which streamlines our ALICE protocol and communication internally and with first responders.


Developing our student’s social foundations and fostering a vibrant student culture is paramount to Covenant’s mission and Christian values. This is not treated as a security measure, rather our responsibility as a School focused on student well-being. Upholding an atmosphere free from bullying and harassment, one which celebrates the image of God in each person, serves to provide individual safety and therefore, collective safety.


Mr. Joshua Ulrich, Director of Campus Safety, in conjunction with the Head of School and close partnership with Peabody PD, oversees all aspects of Covenant’s campus safety and security in his full-time role. Mr. Ulrich is former Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, Los Angeles PD, MA State Police Trooper, and Rockport PD, and is a man of deep Christian faith and values.


For questions pertaining to Covenant’s school safety, please contact Joshua Ulrich at: