The Christian and Classical Academic Programs at CCA are designed to read like a great book, one in which every chapter is savored, and devoured; a book in which we take the time to recognize each chapter’s integral importance to the rest of the story; a story where the connections are rich and worthy of discussion, where questions are a natural by-product that lead to greater understanding; a story that is so much bigger than its parts.  Every step of our journey through grammar school must make sense in relation to the prior chapters as well as to those that follow in the Upper Schools of Logic and Rhetoric. We want our students to understand the story of our world. Ideas must build upon one another in order for children to connect the dots and make sense of such an enormous body of facts, dates and ideas.  Students must be able to close a chapter and hold onto a thorough summary before moving on. The story must be presented in a way that entices the reader to keep going, turning pages and savoring each and every word.


Following the pattern of the trivium means that every level of instruction at Covenant is preparatory.  Each stage overlaps and anticipates the others, ultimately preparing students to reach the highest level in every discipline.  The power and value of this pattern is the carefully crafted scope and sequence that forms a cohesive, PreSchool through grade 12 program that challenges students according to their developing capacities to realize their full potential.