Our Portrait of a Graduate

At Covenant, it is our mission to educate the whole person: heart, soul, mind, and body (Mark 12:30). As students progress through our program toward graduation, we want more for them than good grades, sports trophies, or acceptance into an elite college. These are good things to want, but we also want what is better. We desire that, by the time our graduates receive their diplomas, they would be well on their way to maturity as women and men who know their identity in Christ and are prepared to lead lives that reflect the goodness and beauty of their Lord and Savior. 


The Portrait of a Graduate arose from this desire for what is better. The Portrait is a collection of seven virtues that we hope will reside in each Covenant graduate. In partnership with the Lord and only by His grace and power, we seek to cultivate these virtues in each of our students as we journey with them from PreK through 12th grade – from childhood to adulthood and life after Covenant.


The Seven Virtues:


Knowing the truth, discerning the good, desiring the beautiful, doing what is best. 


Honesty and peace about one’s abilities, frailties, and place in the world. 


Driven by delight, peaceful regardless of circumstances. 


Knowing the value of all people, cultivating a just and flourishing community. 


Speaking the truth convincingly and beautifully. 


Directing all effort toward the glory and purposes of God. 


Working with diligence, failing with optimism, overcoming obstacles with patience. 



Click here to download our Portrait of a Graduate one-pager.