The Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten Program at Covenant Christian Academy is designed to nurture a love of learning and to establish a foundation for lifelong learning. Young children grow and learn in the context of affirming teachers, a high-quality curriculum, and the integration of Christian values reinforced by authentic role modeling.


CCA provides a curriculum and instructional program that is interactive, age-appropriate, and responsive to the interest and development of the whole child: intellectually, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. Every child receives content-area teaching in math, science, social studies, reading readiness, as well as Bible. In addition, children participate in weekly music and physical education classes.


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What to Expect in Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten   Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum




Pre-School Program – 2 Day

CCA is delighted to welcome our youngest learners to our 2 day Pre-School Program. Students who have turned three by September 1st and meet readiness requirements will enjoy two half or full days, on Tuesday and Thursday, designed to provide a strong foundation for continuation in our Pre-Kindergarten program.


A play-based curriculum introduces our youngest students to the expectations of school life as they learn to be a contributing member of a classroom where respect and personal responsibility are developed in the context of a social community.


Hands on learning grounded in a strong, research based model of early childhood education provides the perfect opportunity for three year olds to discover what school is all about. Social skills, classroom etiquette, and self-awareness are nurtured in a learning environment that always points back to our Creator and His purpose for our lives.


Academic readiness skills are developed through a multi-modal curriculum that emphasizes art, music, creativity, repetition and repeated exposure. It is our greatest desire that our students first school experience be one full of laughter, new experiences and growth. Pre-School at CCA is a happy place to be!



Pre-Kindergarten Program – 3 or 5 Day

Our Pre-Kindergarten program has both 3-day (on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) or 5-day options and is designed for children who have turned 4 by September 1st. Class is scheduled from 8:15am–12:30pm. Students may opt to participate in our extended-day program as well, which is scheduled in the afternoons from 12:30–2:55pm. The extended day program includes a quiet/rest time, outdoor playtime and enrichment activities.


Students will be accepted into the Pre-Kindergarten programs on a first-come, first-serve basis. Admission to our Pre-Kindergarten program has no bearing upon acceptance into the Kindergarten program. All children will be screened for Kindergarten readiness. Kindergarten priority will be given to our current students and siblings of students currently enrolled in Grades K through 12.