Fundamental to our identity as a school is our commitment to the lordship of Jesus Christ. One of the ways in which we celebrate and express this commitment to our Savior and King is to gather together for chapel every week. Chapel affords us the opportunity as a community to worship the Lord through song, prayer, testimonies, and the study of God’s Word.



Chapel serves as a “reinforcer” for the foundations of our faith for which everything else is built upon. At CCA, we recognize the importance of honoring and glorifying God through the corporate worship experience. Students experience how to interact with God together through prayer, singing, examining the scriptures together, Biblical teaching, and fellowship. While students come from a variety of worshipping backgrounds, they can all find a common thread in chapel that helps connect them throughout their school life.


There are two Grammar School  chapel services per week, divided by grade level: K-3, and 4-6. Chapel is led by the Grammar School Chaplain. All students participate in corporate prayer, singing hymns and worship songs, and hear a message based on Biblical teaching almost every week. Specific classes will periodically offer special presentations throughout the year. Parents and faculty are always welcome and encouraged to attend chapel.


“Highlighting” is also a unique component to our chapel services. Each student in Grades K-6 gets recognized for their gifts and how they use them amongst their peers and teachers. In Grades K-6 the students’ primary teachers make special presentations with the student standing by their side. The students always look forward to being highlighted and they learn from a very early age that each one of us is special and has different gifts and abilities, fulfilling different purposes in the eyes of God.



In the Upper School, students meet every Wednesday morning for a 45-minute chapel service. Each service typically includes a time of praise and worship, corporate prayer, and the study of God’s Word. We meet on Wednesdays – in the middle of the week – to embody the truth that the worship of Jesus Christ is the center of all we are, all we have, and all we do as a community.

Most weeks, the entire Upper School (grades 7-12) gathers together for chapel; occasionally, the Logic (7-8) and Rhetoric (9-12) Schools meet separately. This “hybrid” program is an intentional choice, as it enables us to cultivate unity across grade levels and to address themes and topics that may pertain to one school but not the other. The chapel theme and chapel calendar for each year are managed by our School Chaplain and aligned with the seven virtues that comprise our school’s Portrait of a Graduate.

A distinctive feature of our Upper School chapel program is the degree to which it is student-led. Students read Scripture, share testimonies, pray, participate in small group discussions and service projects, and lead music. Both the Logic and Rhetoric Schools have student worship bands that lead our community in songs of praise. Additionally, several chapel services each year are planned and run by our chapel council, which is a group of Rhetoric School students committed to fostering an ethos of worship at Covenant. The council is led by the Chapel Prefect, who is a senior student leader that assists and supports the chapel program and the School Chaplain.