International registration for the 2023-2024 school year has closed.


Welcome to Covenant!  If you are an international student looking for strong academics, meaningful community, and a deeper understanding of American culture, CCA is the place for you. Covenant has been dedicated to providing high-quality Christian education just north of Boston for over 30 years. With our low student-to-teacher ratio, students receive the attention and time they need to achieve their academic goals. 


CCA offers international students:

  • An academically rigorous program designed to prepare students for college in the US
  • Close proximity to Boston, the academic hub of the Northeast
  • Homestay with caring, involved host families
  • Faculty and staff who support, challenge, and encourage international students to succeed

We have worked with students from all over the world, and have seen firsthand how a CCA education prepares them to excel in college, interact across cultures, and think critically and compassionately about their role in the world. It is our privilege to introduce you to all our school has to offer. We look forward to hearing from you.



The Upper School at Covenant Christian Academy welcomes a limited number of international boarding students in grades 7 – 12, from various countries around the world. Established in 1991 as a rigorous college-preparatory school guided and informed by a Christian worldview, we are characterized by high academic standards, small class sizes and a variety of co-curricular programs, all housed in a beautiful 60,000 square foot facility.





What We Offer



A Safe, Exciting American Experience

Our campus is just north of Boston, so students get the ease of living near the city, but also the safety of living in a more suburban environment. By reviewing and updating our safety procedures, we ensure that our campus is a safe and fun place to learn.


High Academic Standards

Our Classical approach to education prepares students to enter American colleges and universities by honing critical thinking skills and giving students the tools to engage in the global conversation. Our Roundtable discussions help students present evidence in debates, and this feeds into students’ Senior Thesis projects in 12th grade. We offer AP courses alongside our standard Honors courses, and students are able to explore what they love while striving for the best academically.


In order to be prepared for the rigorous academics at CCA, new students are required to attend a week-long orientation before the fall semester (or a week-long orientation before the spring semester if entering in January).


Community and Academic Support
  • 8:1 student-teacher ratio
  • A trained ESL teacher works with students to ensure success.
  • Our homestay program is a distinctive part of the CCA experience. Our Host Families are dedicated to getting to know their international student, supporting him or her in their academic and social goals, and incorporating their student into their family.
  • Monthly Activities with all international students. Examples include Boston day, movie nights, Museum of Fine Arts, beach day, Red Sox games, etc.
Community and Academic Support

Students work closely with our College Guidance Counselor to complete college applications. This partnership can begin as early as 9th grade, but officially begins with the 11th grade College Readiness Class. Read more about our college guidance program and where our students go on to college and university.


A Strong Co-curricular Program
  • Academic Travel Week: Every year, students go on a class trip to integrate what they learn in the classroom with hands-on learning. Read more here
  • Fine Arts: Band, String Ensemble, Chorale, Theater, Art, etc. Read more here
  • Athletics: Basketball, Soccer, Track, Ultimate Frisbee, etc. Read more here
  • Clubs and Leadership: Global Community, Student Activities, Robotics, etc. Read more here




Coming to a new country can be overwhelming. Our Homestay Program helps our students feel at home in a brand new culture and community. We select our Host Families from within our community and perform rigorous background checks, and we match students with families with the utmost care.


Many of our graduates stay in contact with their Host Families even after leaving CCA, and some get help moving into college! Come be part of our loving, inviting homestay experience!



Please contact the Admissions Office with any questions you might have.





“The teachers at CCA are always willing to help you after school with any questions you have. I can’t remember how many times I have walked into Mrs. Knell and Mr. McShane’s rooms to ask for help with papers or physics. Roundtable discussion is another thing that I never knew before coming to Covenant. In the beginning, I felt embarrassed when everyone was watching me. The more I did it, the more I was able to talk out loud with my opinion and without feeling embarrassed because no one will judge you at CCA.”

Vicky Z.

Chongqing, China

Class of 2019



“I officially became a Cougar in January 2016, and in my next few months at CCA I firmly believed that I belonged here. CCA arranged an America Partner for me to help me fit into the brand new environment. My America Partner really influenced me. He stayed after school to help me, and I learned so many things from him. 

CCA’s homestay program is my another reason I knew I belonged. I feel blessed to be a part of my host family. I will miss them so much at college, because they will not be there to cheer for me during my soccer games! I love to spending time with them because they are my American family. CCA really shaped me as a person, and I am very thankful.”

James Y.

Hangzhou, China

Class of 2019





International registration for the 2023-2024 school year has closed.

Basic tuition for the 2023-24 academic year is $29,150. Additional costs include a non-refundable application fee, Homestay, and the New Student Orientation Program fees.  For more details please contact us at or 978-535-7100.



Important Application, Enrollment & Payment Deadlines


If you are applying and planning to enroll in September of 2022…

Application/fee: April 15, 2023
File Completion: April 30, 2023
Interview: May 2, 2023
Enrollment/Deposit: May 15, 2023
Full Tuition Payment Due: July 1, 2023
International Student Orientation: August 29, 2023
Classes Begin: September 6, 2023


Take advantage of our rolling admissions policy to complete and submit your application as quickly as possible.





Admission Requirements & Procedure



Applicants are expected to have the minimum TOEFL IBT scores or their equivalent indicated below:


11th grade: 90

10th grade: 80

9th grade: 70

8th grade: 55

7th grade: 48




International registration for the 2023-2024 school year has closed.


Each applicant must submit the following:

  • A non-refundable application fee of $250.00
  • Family Application Form
  • Parent Statement. (Note: This must be completed by the parent, not the guardian or agent.)
  • Student Statement
  • Copy of the student’s passport
  • Academic Transcript with translation
  • Teacher recommendations in English and Mathematics. 
  • Translated physical and Immunization report.
  • A copy of TOEFL report, if applicable.
  • A graded writing sample written in English for an academic class. The sample should be approximately 250 words. 

Once all of the paperwork is received by CCA, schedule a personal interview. For students unable to perform an in-person interview, please schedule one online. Please contact the International Student Program Director to schedule an interview at 978-535-7100.


Obtaining a Student Visa

Once the student has accepted an offer to attend CCA and all the paperwork has been completed, an I-20 will be issued.  This is necessary for obtaining an F-1 visa from a United States Embassy or Consulate.  Without this visa, the student will not be able to attend CCA.

Download How to apply for an F-1 visa


Questions and Inquiries

For questions or inquiries please contact us at or call 978-535-7100.