Strategically positioned between the Grammar and Rhetoric schools, the Logic School is unique! It is a dynamic environment that puts students in a position to thrive academically, socially, and spiritually. It is a place where maturing students are given new freedoms. It’s a joyful and nurturing community of learners, with age appropriate supports in place. As we watch our students grow in independence, we step back and allow them to flourish! At CCA, the traditional Middle School years are ones marked by joy and growth.


In Logic School, students add to their Grammar School Foundation by going beyond answering the “what?” questions to answering “how?” and “why?”. Activities are designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn to utilize the various means of definition. They read classic literature that has stood the test of time. Our program challenges students to seek truth and to think critically under the guidance of teachers who are experts in their fields and wholehearted followers of Christ. We believe faith is a vital component of knowledge and education. The CCA Logic School community of students and faculty is one of trust, responsibility, leadership development, and respect.


Entering the LS wing, the hallways and classrooms show off the creativity and talent of our students through their various projects. Peeking into a Logic School classroom, one might see a horseshoe of desks, with students participating in a discussion; students busy working at lab tables, trying a new experiment; peers problem-solving around a conference table; artistic creations being worked on; students in front of a class presenting material; students in our computer lab creating papers, keynotes and prezi presentations; students acting out a scene from the novel they are studying. Our Logic School students begin to own their education and are actively involved in pursuing mastery.


During the year, we plan several special events such as whale watching, a hiking day and  breakfasts, and parties. Students come to school one evening for a giant game of Manhunt! Outside of the classroom, we have a weekly chapel service where students lead worship and individuals are highlighted for Godly characteristics we see in them. Clubs are formed through student-initiative. There are opportunities to serve the entire student body by joining student-led committees.


The Logic School wing is full of life, movement and energy!   It is a dynamic place of learning where students are treated as individuals, and where Christian faith is taught, modeled and encouraged. 






To complete the Logic School requirements at CCA, students must follow a fixed curriculum in Grades 7 and 8 that offers English, Bible, History, Science, Math, Latin and Logic. Fine Arts courses, P.E. and athletics are also offered, but only meet once or twice per week.


Course Catalog



Logic Instruction

Seventh and eighth grade students learn informal logic (the content of any idea), and formal logic (how evidence supports a conclusion). There are practical steps within the subjects, such as the creation of a syllogism, the defining of terms, and the identification of faulty reasoning. However, these ideas carry over into every academic subject. In applying logic, students must pay appropriate attention to the relevance, clarity, and application of the facts of their topics, and to whether or not they can support their ideas with sound reasoning. In the “logic stage” of learning a student moves from the memory of facts, to their application in supporting a bigger idea. CCA’s Logic instruction is aimed at helping students understand and practice this application.


Threshold Projects

During the Eighth Grade year, students complete a “Threshold Project” based on their own life story. They present it in May of their 8th grade year with a 10-minute speech and a creative visual project to illustrate some aspect of the speech. The audience is comprised of other Logic School students as well as family members and interested guests.


Required Courses (meeting times per week)

Logic (2)

English (5)

Bible (4)

History (4)

Science (4)

Math (4)

Latin (3)

Art (1)

Music (1)

Drama (1)

Phys. Ed (1)


Fine Arts Requirements

In the Logic School, students have a fine arts performance requirement which can be fulfilled by participating in one of the following Fine Arts performance groups each semester:


Semester 1 Options

         – USLR Concert Band (Before School commitment)

         – USLR String Ensemble (during school hours)

         – LS Chorale (during school hours)


Semester 2 Options

         – Logic School Play (after school commitment March – May)*

         – USLR Concert Band (Before School commitment)

         – USLR String Ensemble (during school hours)

         – LS Chorale (during school hours)


*Students that audition and receive a role in the Logic School Play may drop their first semester performance choice and add LS play, or they may continue their first semester choice and simply add LS play


Athletic Requirements

Covenant Christian Academy requires all Logic School students to participate in one season of Athletics during the school year. Some students may be involved in high-level, year-long sports/dance programs that conflict with the three athletic seasons at CCA. When this is the case, students may request an Athletic Exemption Form from the Athletic Director. CCA’s objective for Logic School Athletics is to provide a fun environment where our students can develop their athletic skills and knowledge and learn how to play the game!

Academic Support

CCA teachers provide excellent academic support to students on an individual level.


At the conclusion of every school day, from 3:05-3:30pm, students are able to seek one-on-one instruction from teachers. This Extra Help block allows students to prepare for assessments, as well as gain support throughout the semester to ensure full understanding of material in class. Teachers are also available by appointment before or after school to provide further guidance.


Additionally, CCA utilizes a peer-tutoring program where struggling students are matched with a peer to solidify understanding of class material, as well as help prepare papers and projects. The benefits of this program are twofold: deeper understanding and stronger grades for the tutored student, along with leadership development for the tutor.

Upper School Handbook


The USLR Parent / Student Handbook can be accessed on Ren Web through your Parents Web log in. It is located in the School Information / Resource Documents tab.

Log in to Ren Web here


The handbook is designed to provide our students and their parents with an understanding of the Upper  Schools’ policies and procedures. Its purpose is to give full expression to our covenant with you as a Christian educational community. Information, rules, procedures, and the like are simply an attempt to help the community operate smoothly and fairly, allowing for “true freedom” and “personal responsibility” to be expressed and enjoyed within these boundaries. Please take the time to read this handbook carefully so that we have a common basis for discussion should any questions arise during the school year.