Just as students are encouraged to take charge of their own learning around the CCA Roundtable, we desire students to take responsibility for the tone and culture of their school by exercising their leadership gifts. To that end CCA looks to Seniors for Prefect Leadership and underclassmen to serve on Prefect Councils. Students take charge of chapel worship, peer tutoring, student activities, lunchroom procedure and cleanup, international community goals, as well as presenting the school to visiting students and parents.


At CCA we believe in the biblical model of servant-leadership that Jesus demonstrated best exemplifies our own leadership priorities. As Paul says in Philippians, one should “look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others” (Phil. 2:4).


THE PREFECT PROGRAM: Leadership for Seniors

The Prefect Program — a lead-by-example model — allows seniors to lead the school in particular areas where they may assist adults and organize students to do real work for the benefit of the student body and CCA programs. In the process a prefect will develop important leadership skills learning how to motivate, organize, and hold accountable students that are assisting her or him. The goal is to develop a heart for protecting and serving others while allowing them maximum opportunity to flourish in our school community.


There are eight prefect positions and each prefect has a committee of underclassmen to assist him/her with the duties of that particular program.

  • Academic Prefect: champion academic excellence and integrity; organize a peer tutoring program
  • Activities Prefect: develop and oversee student activities in the Logic and Rhetoric Schools
  • Admissions Prefect: the chief ambassador for the school; organizes tours and visit days for prospective students and their parents.
  • Athletic Prefect: Assists the Athletic Director in promoting and running athletic events, as well as updating statistical information and records on the athletic website.
  • Chaplain Prefect: concerned with the spiritual heart of the students; organizes worship, Bible studies, and service opportunities.
  • Hospitality Prefect: the person who organizes the common experience of breaking bread together; organizes maitre d’ staff that supervise student’s at the microwave ovens and during lunch table clean-up.
  • Fine Arts Prefect: assists the Fine Arts director in promoting and running fine arts events such as concerts, theater productions, music performances, and art shows.
  • Global Community Prefect: champion of diversity in our student community and the integration of international students into the school’s life and culture.


Underclassmen Involvement in the Prefect Program

Younger students (grades 8-12) will have the opportunity to serve on prefect councils and help the prefect organize and execute various events on and off campus. There will be 5 maitre d’ positions for rhetoric school students (grades 9-12) and 5 for logic school students (8th grade),  who can help give structure and order to the lunchroom and lunch cleanup. Similarly, peer tutors, worship leaders, tour guides and student hosts, international student partners and activity organizers will all be needed each year. These students will report to the prefect overseeing their chosen area of service. Taking part in making our school a better place can help an underclassman build a resume of leadership that may lead to a prefect selection when he or she is a senior. We believe Seventh Graders should focus on their academic and co-curricular activities and wait until they are in Eighth Grade to serve on a prefect council.


At CCA we believe that seniors lead the school by their example and attitude. The greater the interest they show in the younger students setting the right tone, the stronger and healthier the school becomes. We are happy to provide a variety of leadership opportunities for our students and we look forward to strong leadership from our prefects to students in grades 8-11.


National Honor Society (10-12)

Student who have been inducted into the National Honor Society are eligible to apply for the positions of President and Vice President. National Honor Society strives to lead the student body in the areas of Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character.