Stock or ACH Wire Transfers 

CCA gladly accepts stock transfers via Fidelity. Stock and ACH wire transfers do not incur processing fees. 


Sending shares: Your request to gift shares from your account must be in writing. You’ll need to draft a letter of instruction with some specific information based on where and how you’re sending your gift.

Gifts sent from your Fidelity account:

    • Letter of instruction for sending gifts within Fidelity
      • Click here then scroll down and click Letter of Instruction for Sending Gifts within Fidelity. 
    • The recipient’s name: Covenant Christian Academy; Federal Tax ID #: 04-3170101; and the Fidelity account number to be credited. Contact Jessica Rossotti for account info. 

Gifts sent from outside of Fidelity:

Contact your firm to verify delivery instructions. In addition to following the firm’s specific instructions, you may need to provide these details:

    • Your name, Social Security number (SSN), and your Fidelity account number
    • Your account registration information, including the type of account you have (e.g., nonretirement) and its ownership (e.g., individual or joint)
    • Fidelity’s Depository Trust Company (DTC) number: 0226
    • Fidelity’s name and address:

Fidelity Investments 
Attn: TOA Receives 
PO Box 770001 
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0036


Once you’ve decided to make a stock transfer, please contact Jessica Rossotti, Chief Finance and Operating Officer at, with the number of shares and the name of the transferred stock. Privacy laws prohibit our broker from sharing your contact information, so contacting us ensures the successful completion of your gift!


If you have questions about making a gift by electronic transfer of stocks, please contact Jessica Rossotti, Chief Finance and Operating Officer at