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All-School Admissions Open House: Wednesday, January 2, 2019  9:00 – 11:00 am info here

A Christian & Classical Private Education (Prek - 12th Grade)
Imagine something greater…Imagine a place where you are on the same intellectual and spiritual journey as your peers. A place where academic enthusiasm is cool, friendships are genuine, and individual talents are identified and nurtured. Imagine teachers that are not only passionate about their subjects, but are passionate mentors of students. Imagine a community that intentionally pursues truth, goodness and beauty in all things. This is what school was meant to be. This is Covenant!
  • Proven Academics

    Classical education means we are cultivating wisdom and virtues in our students, such as truth, goodness, honor, justice, and beauty

  • Spiritual Formation

    At Covenant, we teach from a perspective that includes the reality of God, the importance of Christian faith, and the value of a supportive community.

  • Athletics

    Cougars train and compete to win, and work to honor God with their passion, integrity, performance, and sportsmanship

  • Fine Arts

    Covenant students learn to delight in the beauty and glory of God through K-12 Fine Arts classes.

  • Stay Connected
    All the latest news and updates from Covenant Christian Academy
    Why Choose Covenant?
    See how students, parents and alumni answer this question

    We’ve had four children attend CCA over the course of the last 10 years from grammar school up through rhetoric. The school has been a steadying presence for our family in so many ways that it’s hard to make a brief list of what we love most about it, but here are the four biggest reasons why we chose and remain committed... read more

    Matt & Grace Kruse

    We began looking at Christian schools when our oldest son was in kindergarten.  He attended another local Christian school and had a good experience but when we began to think about his education throughout elementary school, we wanted a school with strong academics that would also nurture his heart and provide him with... read more

    Michael & Tricia Curtis

    In a society that's being bombarded with liberal messages and relativistic beliefs, we desperately wanted to find a school for our kids that supported our values at home. CCA is a school where failure is not an option, where children are encouraged to find their strengths at a young age, and where students have meaningful,... read more

    Matt & Beth Chewning

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