Ronald Parsons II
Class of 2011, B.S. Corporate Finance & Accounting, Bentley Univ., M.S. Accounting, Bentley Univ., M&A Deals Associate with PwC
Alumni Testimonial

As I look back, I can truly tell you that one of the main drivers in bringing me to where I am today are my roots in my time at Covenant. Before I came to Covenant, I attended a public middle school. I found myself struggling with conformity as a young teenage Christian boy. I often wrestled with the dilemma between faith and friends as it seemed to be, and found myself having a difficult time deciphering between right and wrong and managing my priorities.


All of that changed when I arrived at Covenant. I was placed into an environment where studies were secondary only to faith, and teachers and students alike were both aligned on the importance of faith in everything that we do. Teachers here went out of their way to see students succeed. The curriculum at Peabody public was a full year behind where students at Covenant were in many subjects, so I had a lot of catching up to do. My teachers supported me individually, gave me a second textbook, and committed to helping me get caught up. When I finished 8th grade, I was light-years ahead of where I had started.


In the years that I spent at CCA, there were a few things that really stood out to me. First and foremost, I feel that the most beneficial element of attending CCA was the foundation of faith that I left with. Between Bible classes, chapels and just regular fellowship with other believers, I left CCA understanding what I believed, why I believed it, and how to defend. CCA encouraged me to really dive into my faith, challenge what I believed, and come to an understanding as to why I believe it. In some cases, CCA really changed the way I thought about faith, salvation, evangelism, and just living life as a Christian. With the horror stories that are so often told about Christians going off to college, it is so important for young men and women to have a foundation of faith before being pushed off into the real world.


Secondly, when I was applying to schools, one of the most important elements of a college application was the resume. Colleges wanted to see what you were involved in and how well you were able to balance a busy schedule. At Covenant, I was able to be a part of several athletic teams, bands, vocal groups, student government, and service projects, and still have enough time in the day to finish homework, work a part time job, and sleep. When I went to my college interviews, my interviewers were blown away at how much I was involved in. In reality, Covenant just made extracurricular involvement for students incredibly easy. It is a part of the curriculum here, and all students are encouraged to try new things and get involved. Believe me – in retrospect, the acapella group probably would have been infinitely better if I had not joined. But my teacher encouraged my participation, and worked with me to help me improve as a musician. With the small class sizes at CCA, students can literally be involved in whatever they want.


At Covenant, I was really taught how to communicate, and communicate persuasively. Rhetoric, logic, and English classes helped me fine tune the way I think through problems, develop solutions, create persuasive arguments, and formulate thoughts in ways that listeners and people around me can clearly understand. This sort of thinking has allowed me to succeed in college, graduate school, and the professional workforce. The ability to solve problems is invaluable to employers, and Covenant does a great job at equipping students not just with knowledge, but with the ability to think.


Through life after high school, my time at CCA has really set me up to succeed. My ability to think through problem and communicate clearly, to manage my time and responsibilities, and to stand firm in my faith all have their roots back to the time I spent here. These lessons learned at CCA have carried me through the many transitions of moving from college to adulthood, and looking back, the decision to attend Covenant was one of those pivotal decisions that will end up defining the course of my life.