Matt & Grace Kruse
Brandon '21, Julia '23, Callie (4th)
Parent Testimonial

We’ve had four children attend CCA over the course of the last 10 years from grammar school up through rhetoric. The school has been a steadying presence for our family in so many ways that it’s hard to make a brief list of what we love most about it, but here are the four biggest reasons why we chose and remain committed to the school: 



A child’s education is primarily the responsibility of his or her parents. Schools are not meant to usurp this calling, but rather to see themselves as servants to and partners with parents. CCA gets this – we’ve found the school to be wholly committed to having parents deeply invested in every aspect of the school’s life and their child’s education.



We are hoping to raise kids who revel in the fact that all goodness, truth, and beauty in this world is anchored to the reality of God. Education is inescapably “religious,” and we love that CCA is not ashamed to instruct from a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview. We love the idea of our kids being given a big vision of the glory of God at home and at school in their childhood.



A school is only as good as its leadership. All of our interactions with the administration and board have been warm, direct, and helpful. We were looking for a school with bold-yet-realistic ambitions for what the school could become, and have loved the strategic approach taken at CCA to build toward a bright future one step at a time.



CCA is staffed by teachers with strong character who have both expertise in and passion for their subjects. Also – and this cannot be overstated – the teachers genuinely love and care about the kids. My wife and I have both been in educational environments where “love” would never be a word you’d use to describe the ethos. At CCA, it is.