Elijah Pekari ’22
Student Testimonial

As a student at Covenant Christian Academy I have experienced the many blessings the school has to offer. From exceptional faculty who care about each student as an individual, to classes designed to help students grow in character, to athletics that motivate students to work hard, improve their skills, and compete, I have seen many of the great things that Covenant stands for on display. The community at CCA has shaped me into a college-ready young adult, prepared to seek Christ and to seek truth and knowledge, and I hope that many others will also be able to experience the benefits of a Covenant education as the school continues to grow.


Elijah Pekari, the Salutatorian of CCA’s Class of 2022, will attend Grove City College in Pennsylvania next year. Eli, a 3-season 4-year varsity athlete during his time at CCA, plans to pursue a major in Theology while minoring in Biblical Languages.