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“God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.” - Genesis 1:31


In Genesis we learn that the Creator, God, has made us in his own image. Therefore, cultivation of the language of visual art is fundamental for the full development of an educated young person.


In the Grammar School, all students have a weekly studio art class throughout the year. Students are introduced to basic art concepts and skills. Varied projects give opportunity for engagement and exploration with many different mediums. Students create a portfolio that they bring home at the end of the school year.


Logic School students, like Grammar school students, have a weekly studio art class through the year that challenges students to expand and develop their craft. Projects involve experiments in perspective, color, light and sculpting. Students are exposed to examples of master works and artists. Students again create a portfolio that they bring home at the end of the school year.


For Rhetoric School students, there is the choice of three different studio art classes, which meet twice a week for one semester. There is also the possibility of independent studies with our art teacher in order to work on portfolios. Art electives are:

  • Two-Dimensional Design (1 semester) which provides experience with all Elements of Design though drawing, painting and printmaking projects
  • Three-Dimensional Design (1 semester) which provides students with the experience of creating with wire, clay, cardboard and other design elements not limited to flat dimensions.
  • Basics of Photography (1 semester) which provides an overview of the history of photography, the basic fundamentals of digital photography, and how the elements and principles of design are used to effectively arrange compositions.

Students in all grade levels present 2-3 pieces of their artwork in our Annual FineArts Show (May). Artwork is displayed throughout the building, along with performances by students and faculty. It is a beautiful display of the hard work from throughout the school year from students of all ages and abilities.

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