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How will my child benefit from a Covenant education?

CCA blends three important elements that make us an exceptionally strong school as well as a unique program on the North Shore. We are a Classical school, a Christian school and a college-preparatory school. The blend of these three elements provides an outstanding education that truly focuses on the whole child and developing each of our students to their fullest potential.


Classical Christian education makes sense. It’s simplicity and intentionality is refreshing and reassuring. Order and necessity guide our curriculum decisions and we are not burdened to teach to a test or follow the latest fad. We tune into the developmental needs of students at all levels and meet them where they are, while setting the bar for progress high. We seek to love as Christ loved, boldly teaching children exactly what this means in their daily lives. No fads, no trends, just best practices. A classical and Christian education just makes sense.



Why Classical Education?

Our Classical program focuses on the developmental stages in a child’s life, and our curriculum and offerings are research-based and aligned with those developmental stages. Classical education adds depth and dimension to a student’s learning experience, and we see those results on a daily basis.


A Classical education is first and foremost intentional. Curriculum is delivered in a sequential, meaningful manner that is never haphazard. Our Grammar School lays a foundation brick by brick with content, intentionally chosen with the end in mind, acknowledging that missing bricks, weaken the foundation for future learning. Our Logic School empowers students to use this knowledge as they begin to question, challenge and develop the ability to think critically and reason logically. The final stage of classical learning is the Rhetoric School where students learn to communicate persuasively, inspiring their audience toward truth and wisdom.



What does it mean to be a Christian School?

We are a non-denominational, faith-based school that infuses our faith throughout our curriculum and programs. Our faculty and staff are mentors and role models to our students. Teachers are passionate about modeling and sharing their faith and integrating a Christian world view into their classrooms. Bible classes are part of our curriculum in all grade levels, and Chapels are held each week. It is our greatest desire that our students will discover that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can be both rewarding and transformative.



Will my child be academically challenged?

Absolutely! Our entire academic program prepares a child for college with carefully-planned curriculum and outcomes for each grade level. Our program is rigorous and also developmentally appropriate. Our goal is to strengthen and develop each learner to their fullest potential. Our academic program is regularly reviewed and enhanced to ensure that we are delivering the best program possible. Annual standardized testing ensures that we are achieving our goals.



Will my child be prepared to attend a selective college or university?

As a college preparatory school, CCA prepares each student to be successful at our nations most selective institutions, or whatever college or university they may choose to attend. We offer a rigorous curriculum that includes honors and advanced placement courses in the upper school. CCA graduates report that their transition to college has been very successful.



What are the hours of the school day?

For Pre-Kindergarten students, the school day begins at 8:00 a.m. Pre-K students have the option of attending for half days (12:30 dismissal) or full days (2:55 dismissal).


For Grammar School students in Grades K-6, the school day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:55 p.m.


For Upper School students (Grades 7-12) the school day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:10 p.m.



Do your student’s wear uniforms?

Pre-Kindergarten students wear play clothing.


Students in grades K-8 wear school uniforms. Our uniform supplier is Lands’ End. Our Parent Connection Group also organizes a uniform swap several times during the school year.


Students in grades 9-12 do not wear uniforms but do have a dress code.  



How do I apply to CCA?

Applicants begin by completing the paperwork necessary to build a student file. Parent and student applications, school records, teacher evaluations and admissions testing are key steps to admission. Student Visit Days are also part of the admissions process. Parent and student interviews are conducted once all necessary paperwork has been submitted. 



Do you offer financial aid?

Covenant does offer limited amounts of need-based financial aid. Families may apply for Financial Aid through FACTS Tuition and Aid (a third-party provider) in conjunction with an internal Financial Aid Committee. Awards are based upon financial need as well as the availability of funds.



Where do students come from?

Students reside in over 45 different cities and towns in northeastern Massachusetts.

 cca map


Is CCA a good option for students transferring from home school?

CCA is a great option for home school students who wish to transfer. Our small class sizes, enable us to get to know your child and support them as they acclimate during this transition. The warmth and joy of the CCA community provides a setting for your child to be welcomed and to flourish.

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