Matt & Beth Chewning
Students Daniel '22, Abby '23, Ella (6th), Jacob (3rd)
Parent Testimonial

In a society that’s being bombarded with liberal messages and relativistic beliefs, we desperately wanted to find a school for our kids that supported our values at home. CCA is a school where failure is not an option, where children are encouraged to find their strengths at a young age, and where students have meaningful, respectful, and wholesome relationships with their teachers. There are not enough words to summarize the value of a Christ-centered school like CCA. There is a sense of peace when you drop your child off for their day and an eager excitement when you pick them up. There’s a confidence knowing your child has been in the best possible hands and that their care and needs were met and exceeded. At CCA, our four children are being challenged and prepared for the next chapter of their education. The biblical education will long surpass them after their CCA days and the scriptures they study will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Not only is CCA a wonderful school but it has become a fundamental foundation that is critical for their walk with Jesus.