Who a teacher is as a person — a teacher’s generosity, integrity, commitment, restraint, compassion — is every bit as important as the subject he or she may teach. Many adults, when they look back on their high school days, struggle to remember specific lessons or specific content they were taught, but they do remember who was teaching them. They remember whether that person loved and respected them, whether she was passionate about her subject, or cared to get to know them as persons.


Teachers are powerful mentors in the lives of students. At CCA we empower teachers to be mentors and speak into the lives of their students.


We hope they will share the following:

  • the wisdom they have acquired from their personal walks with Jesus Christ
  • their experiences as thinking citizens
  • their insights as those who both read and help to form culture inside and outside of Covenant Christian Academy.

In all of these ways the healthy relationships between teachers and students are made stronger and more vital.