Welcome to Covenant @ Home, Covenant’s remote learning solution during periods of extended school closures due to  COVID-19.  


Many in the world of education and the media are now referring to the period of remote schooling we experienced this past spring not as homeschooling, or remote schooling but as “crisis schooling,” acknowledging that the sudden, unplanned nature of the transition to remote schooling was, for many, not a positive experience. This summer we have intentionally redefined what planned, remote learning looks like for a more complete and robust remote learning experience.


Families should be prepared to pivot to remote learning at any point in the school year. We strongly suggest your preparations include considering the availability of internet connected devices available for student use and childcare and supervision needs. We recognize that the experience of remote learners at the younger grades comes with challenges and, unfortunately, will always require some level of parental or caregiver oversight and guidance. The recognition of dependence on parents’ and caregivers’ involvement at the lower grades is reflected in our tuition policies set for the year. ( Tuition Model During Periods of Remote Learning)


It is our expectation that whenever Covenant is in a period of remote learning, school is still fully in session. Students are expected to be available for learning during normal school hours, attend classes online and complete assigned schoolwork in a timely manner. All students will be using Google Classroom and Google Meet to attend class, receive and submit assignments, and communicate with teachers.


Please see information specific to each school and grade level, below as well as helpful tutorials and FAQ’s.


Pre-K & Grammar School (K-6)


Remote learning may continue to play a role in the education experiences of CCA students this coming year. Should CCA find it must close due to a flare-up of COVID-19, or should a student need to be quarantined, remote learning will be an important contributor to sustaining educational opportunities. If the school building is closed, education will continue as a structured, planned, remote learning experience. This experience will be different from the emergency remote learning that took place in March-May 2020.


All CCA teachers have established clear expectations to guide students as they engage in learning and will offer students flexibility (to the extent possible) on the pace of coursework or activities. 


CCA Philosophy of Education for Remote Learning


Remote Learning Guiding Statement: The administration, faculty, and staff are committed to providing the best possible remote learning experience for all of our students, while maintaining our high standards of excellence. While we know it cannot replicate the experience of being at school, we want to maintain the joy of learning in the strongest ways we can during these difficult times. Our remote learning endeavor is a partnership, dependent on the purposeful planning of our dedicated teachers, student motivation and engagement, and strong parent support and communication. 


Remote Learning is a much broader term than simple online learning. Although a portion of our instruction will require online activity, we can also uphold and encourage our belief that learning can happen best in authentic settings including the outdoors, in the context of the family, through rich and inspiring literature, and through the Arts.  


Remote Learning Goals


The spiritual and social/emotional well being of our students is our number one priority: We are committed to developmentally appropriate practices to ensure that our students feel loved, valued, and connected during periods of remote learning.


Pursuing intellectual pursuits with our students is as important as ever. We recognize that this will look differently than in our classrooms, but the quality doesn’t need to suffer. We will embrace creativity and think outside of the box while also embracing the routines, structures, and systems that our students depend on.


Scholé: Restful learning must be a part of our daily experience: Scholé is the opposite of ceaseless busy work that provokes anxiety. We will seek to provide the most important lessons, mindful that learning will be richest when it coincides peacefully with real life (and real life is a bit unusual when learning takes place remotely).


Connection: All real time research has shown that “successful” schools made it personal: phone calls, face times, emails, an available and connected teacher made all the difference in people’s opinions of remote learning experience. 


CCA Mission Statement (Annotated for Remote Learning)


Covenant Christian Academy offers a Christian (always) and Classical (even still in a remote environment) education that builds students’ academic, spiritual and social foundations for lives of leadership and service in today’s global community. A Covenant education prepares students to excel in collegiate studies and intellectual pursuits, nurtures Christian faith and character, and fosters individual gifts and abilities.


CCA Portrait of a Graduate


Periods of remote learning provide a unique opportunity to cultivate in our students the 7 virtues we have set in front of them as the Christlike character for which we all strive. Though we strive for our graduates to exemplify these virtues, we recognize that the embodiment begins as early as preschool. 


Discernment: Distinguishing the bad from the good and the good from the best. How do we help our students grow in discernment?  How do we encourage them to choose what is best for their bodies, minds and souls at this time?  


Humility: Honesty and peace about one’s abilities, frailties, and place in the world.  This is a time for humility.  How can we communicate honestly, yet gently about those who are struggling at this time?  Those on the fringes?   Those in harm’s way?  What is our humble response to our current circumstances?


Righteousness: Directing all effort toward the glory and purposes of God.  How might we challenge our students to work well as to working for the Lord, not men? 


Compassion: Knowing the value of all people, cultivating a just and flourishing community.  How can we use our existing curriculum to generate compassion within our students, particularly at a time when compassion fatigue is very real?


Tenacity: Working with diligence, failing with optimism, overcoming obstacles with patience.  We all need tenacity these days.  How can we speak or write to our students in such a way that they want to work diligently, seeking to do good despite challenging circumstances?  Is there a way to highlight the tenacious among us?


Joy: Driven by delight, peaceful regardless of circumstances.  Regardless of circumstances.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to be giving US, the teachers and leaders of this school, an infectious joy that is not put on or forced.  Let us be on our knees asking for the kind of joy that is contagious to our students, their families and others around us. 


Eloquence: Speaking the truth convincingly and beautifully. It feels difficult to speak well in days such as these.  Let us look to the beautiful writings, poems, songs and speeches of the past to inspire our students.  


Priorities in Remote Learning 

  • Streamlined, orderly curriculum
  • Predictable, repeating schedule 
  • Trained teachers, students, and parents who deserve to have a successful learning experience  
  • Ensure all families have the access they need (devices and internet) 
  • Developmentally appropriate approaches to teaching, instruction, and learning that will included a developmentally appropriate balance of synchronous GoogleMeet instruction, asynchronous video instruction, and independent learning/work (with adult supervision for our youngest learners)

Although a strict schedule will be created for every grade level, students may be offered some flexibility on the pace of when the non-teacher-led instruction will occur, which could provide flexibility to students as they navigate the demands on their time when they are not in the classroom. If so, the teacher will be sure to clearly communicate these expectations with families through the already established communication channels. 


Grade Level remote Learning Plans

Please click for specific grade level information, schedules, etc.


Pre-Kindergarten link

Kindergarten link

First Grade link

Second Grade link

Third Grade link

Fourth Grade link

Fifth & Sixth Grade link


Upper School (7-12)


Expectations for USLR Students (Gr. 7-12)

Remote Learning During the 2020-2021 School Year


Remote learning may continue to play a role in the education experiences of CCA students this coming year.  Should CCA be required to pivot to the Remote Learning platform at any point, the policies and procedures  listed in this document will guide expectations of students, parents  and teachers.  




While Remote Learning is not equal to in-person learning, we do well to consider that our identity as a school does not change whether learning in the building or from home.  Our mission is the same.  Our Portrait of a Graduate contains the same seven virtues whether we are apart or are together.*  In fact, we hope you will see highlighted, even in this unusual set of circumstances, the strengths that characterize our way of doing school.  With that in mind, our guiding statement for remote learning is as follows: 


The administration, faculty, and staff are committed to providing the best possible remote learning experience for all of our students while maintaining our high standards of excellence. While the platform cannot replicate the exact experiences of being at school, we commit to fostering a joy for learning while maintaining reasonable forward momentum in each one of our courses. Our remote learning endeavor is a partnership, dependent on the purposeful planning of our dedicated teachers, student motivation and engagement, and strong parent support and communication.   



  • The spiritual and social/emotional wellbeing of our students is our number one priority: We will continue to find developmentally appropriate ways to ensure that our students feel loved, valued, and connected during this time, even as we are apart. 
  • Pursuing intellectual pursuits with our students is as important as ever. We recognize that this will look different than in our classrooms, but the quality doesn’t need to suffer. We will embrace creativity and think outside of the box while also embracing the routines, structures, and systems on which our students depend.  
  • Scholé: Restful learning must be a part of our daily experience: Scholé is the opposite of ceaseless busy work that provokes anxiety. Scholé is selective and careful, embracing that which is true, beautiful, and good. We want to teach our students the skills and habits that help them engage in learning in this deep and lasting way.  We hope our schedule and our expectations help them create routines and rhythms that help them learn in such a way that coincides peacefully with real life.  






Tutorials for Parents & Students


How to scan a document and email it from your iPhonelink 

How to scan a document with Google Drivelink
Google Classroom Tutorial (VIDEO)link 

Google Classroom Help Centerlink
How to log into your Google Account and Change the Password (VIDEO)link


A quick peek at Google Classroom for Pre-K – grade 2 (VIDEO) – link 
A quick peek at Google Classroom for grades 3-4 (VIDEO)link

A quick peek at Google Classroom for grades 5-6 (VIDEO)link


SSL Certificates

Instructions for downloading and installing SSL certificates for access to the student network at CCA.

iPhone and iPad instructions link

Mac computer instructions link

Android phone and tablet instructions link

Windows PC computer instructions link

Chromebook Instructions link




Frequently Asked Questions


What have you done to prepare for Remote Learning?

Administrators began planning for remote learning after returning to school in January and understanding the severity of the COVID-19 situation. Administrators researched many different platform options, including Google Classroom and Zoom Meeting.  Once the closure was announced, faculty & staff took a full day to make final preparations for the start of remote learning on Tuesday, March 17th. The chosen model was a hybrid of self directed work and live video instruction, with room for expansion as necessary, as the length of the closure becomes more clear. Due to careful planning, Covenant students never missed a beat between in school learning and the start of remote learning.


We have spent the summer months evaluating and revising our remote learning program to even better than it was in the spring. We have reviewed all parent and student feedback and have made necessary adjustments to ensure the quality of education our students will receive during periods of remote learning will be just as excellent as in person schooling.


What do I need to know about Remote Learning?

We were all new to remote learning in the spring of 2020, and we are committed to providing support for everyone, so the first thing you need to know is that if you don’t know something, we will help you figure it out! There may be some bumps as we get started, so we will be patient with one another.


What technology does my family need for Remote Learning?

In light of the technology that will be used during times of Remote Learning, it is highly suggested that parents invest in a tablet, Chromebook or computer that their student can use. Our remote learning platform will work equally as well on both Mac and PC. Many of our Grammar School families have reported being pleased with a set up for their younger students that includes an iPad with an attachable keyboard and Apple Pencil. Most Upper School students will best be served by using a laptop or desktop computer. Additionally, families should ensure they have consistent access to the internet from home or another easily accessible location. If you are interested in purchasing a gently used Apple device (at a substantial discount from retail), Covenant has purchased Apple computers and iPads through a company called Tech 2 School with great success (https://techtoschool.com/).


Who can I reach out to with questions?


Andrea Bergstrom – Head of School, Grammar School Principalandrea.bergstom@ccamail.org

Tracy Bennett – Upper School Dean of Academicstracy.bennett@ccamail.org



Michael Curtis – Upper School Dean of Studentsmichael.curtis@ccamail.org



David Anastasi – Chief Financial Officer  – david.anastasi@ccamail.org

Rita Detwiler – Business Office Manager – rita.detwiler@ccamail.org



Brenda McPherson – Director of Admissions – 978-290-8326 or brenda.mcpherson@ccamail.org

Robin Lawrenz – USLR Registrarrobin.lawrenz@ccamail.org



Jason Lawrenz – School Chaplainjason.lawrenz@ccamail.org


When do you think we will return to school?

We’re back!  Covenant has prepared a Back to School plan that allows for every student to be safely on campus, everyday!  Our first day of school is Wednesday, September 9th, 2020.



Parent Testimonials

See what our Parents are Saying about Covenant@Home!

The following feedback was received from current Covenant parents during a Covenant@Home Parent Survey, after 5 full weeks of Remote Learning. (All comments are un-edited and appear exactly as they were received.


CCA has done an admirable job in quickly launching a remote learning program that is comprehensive, engaging, and fun. In the chaotic world we’re living in right now, I am comforted in part by knowing that we belong to such an amazing school “family”.

The teachers at Covenant have gone over and above to support our families during a challenging and unusual season. We’re thankful for their thoughtful lessons and the encouragement they’ve given to our children.

During this uncertain period, CCA has helped my family maintain a sense of normalcy. The teachers maintain a challenging curriculum while connecting personally with all students. CCA continues to provide a balance of education, spiritual well being and a strong sense of community. Very thankful God sent us to CCA.

What an amazing school! In these trying times, our girls have been able to stay focused on school. The teachers never allowed for any lag time, which has been instrumental in terms of structure and stability with learning. The teachers have communicated effectively and with love and grace. They have checked in making sure their students have felt comfortable with the material and have offered extra help hours. They have and continue to provide an environment for learning that is second to none. Thank you staff, teachers and administrators! Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for Fall 2020, we know it will be great!!

I was nervous when the government mandated distance learning but it has been a surprisingly good experience thanks to the exceptional and heroic efforts of the CCA teachers and administrators. The teachers have provided quality and individualized attention from home and are working round the clock to make sure every student gets what he or she needs. I am so grateful and don’t know what my kids would have done during this crisis without their incredible teachers.

I have one child in public school and one child at CCA in the pre-K program. What I have seen come home on a daily basis from CCA defies expectations in the best way possible! Covenant has been organized and clear in communicating resources and expectations from the start of the building closure. The assignments/activities we receive are not merely busy work, but are a valuable part of our days during this time. While we wish we could all be together, I am amazed at the quality of work CCA has sent as a substitute for in-school learning!

The feeling of support and dedication of the administration and teachers to not only educate our children but to support them emotionally and spiritually during this time has made such a difference for us and our children during this challenging time.

As two working parents, we are grateful to the CCA staff and teachers for their amazing dedication and the high quality of resources, content, and support provided to our child during COVID 19 remote learning. This faculty has been such a blessing to to our child and to us as parents.

We are so appreciative of the entire CCA staff during this difficult time. The smooth transition to home-based, online learning was obviously the result of a lot of hard work behind the scenes. The teachers’ enthusiasm and availability to students during the school day left us truly amazed and happy we’ve chosen CCA. The ability to continue our son’s education from home has been a true blessing.

CCA has provided a level of excellence in remote learning consistent with the school’s mission to provide a classical Christian education. They have maintained a feeling of community and support in the midst of massive challenges, learning curves and unprecedented circumstances. The staff and teachers have showed uncompromising love and relentless commitment to the continued learning of the students, and found resourceful ways to advance both the students academic and spiritual progress. We are so very grateful for the support and community of CCA!

I am very thankful for CCA’s approach to this unexpected situation, and how Covenant@Home, has been an excellent tool for my kids during this quarantine period. I have friends and relatives that do not receive the same quality of remote education, neither any assignments for their children to work on. I appreciate not only the academically care for the students but also the spiritual and nurturing care of teachers and the administration.

We have felt very cared for and equipped during the season of using Covenant@Home. The tools provided has been streamlined, user-friendly, & helped us feel connected to the CCA family. We will be forever grateful for the well-rounded teaching provided for all our children.

During Covenant@Home our child has continued to make progress in her learning with the help of her amazing teachers, who send her daily materials that are challenging and interesting. We love the short videos of her teacher giving instructions as if the students were physically in the classroom. All lessons are straightforward and easy to follow, due to the wonderful job the teachers did building classroom routines to the children prior to the social distancing requirements.

This at home learning experience with Covenant has felt nothing short of the perfect balance of being personalized, manageable, and meaningful. It has felt personalized through the weekly zoom classes that my daughter gets to have with her class and teacher, manageable as the plans allow for the space to do the learning tasks at our convenience and meaningful as they are meeting my daughter at her exact content needs. We couldn’t be more grateful for this partnership at this time!

We have been so impressed by the way in which CCA immediately replaced school-based learning with remote learning through Covenant@Home. They were so prepared from day one, with no delay in academic content. Every day our children are provided with structured, fun, creative, and thorough educational content including both core academic subjects and specials. They look forward to receiving an email with videos and detailed assignments for the day. They have loved interacting with friends and teachers through live video sessions and even continuing music lessons virtually. Periodic assessments have shown that they are learning just as they should. Covenant@Home has been organized in such a way that our children have been able to work independently for several hours daily while both parents work from home full time. We are so grateful to have our children at CCA during this uncertain time.

Covenant@Home has been a very positive experience for our children, one in Grammar school and one in Rhetoric School. The quality and structure of the daily and weekly assignments from all teachers has been outstanding. We never could have known what to expect in this very difficult time of uncertainty in our world, but it is certain that CCA has continued to provide the utmost excellence in all areas of learning. The care and concern of each teacher with the students is evident in their weekly Zoom lessons. The students have been able to voice their feelings both on what has been positive for them and what may be a struggle for them as they are home learning through this pandemic. For both of our children, it has been missing their teachers and friends in real time. Mrs. Bergstrom has kept communication with the CCA community at the top of her list as always. We have not been left in the dark, as thorough pre-planning and frequent assessment with families has been a priority.