IMAGINE a new Athletic Facility

for sports, theatrical productions, concerts, graduation, and other large community events.


IMAGINE a new Main Entrance

that is easy to find, improves security and provides a more welcoming, centralized entrance.  


IMAGINE new Landscaping, Signage and Traffic Patterns 

to beautify our campus and improve traffic flow. 









For more information about this campaign please contact David Anastasi, Covenant’s CFO. or 978.535.7100.




Due to consistent and sustainable enrollment growth, CCA’s current 3,600 sq. ft. gymnasium space is unable to meet all of our existing program needs. As a result, Covenant is constrained in its ability to grow and further develop both its Athletic and Fine Arts programs.




There was tremendous excitement at the start of the 2005-2006 year at Covenant. The school had recently moved into a newly refurbished space, complete with a gleaming new 3,600 square foot gymnasium! At the time, Covenant had 158 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 8. Through the grace and goodness of our Lord,  14 years later Covenant has doubled in size with an enrollment of 320 students! Not only are there twice as many students, the students are now, quite literally, BIGGER, as a result of adding a full high school program between 2006 to 2010.  


Covenant enjoys incredible student participation rates in our Fine Arts and Athletics programs. Between grades 7-12, 70% and 80% of students participate in CCA’s Fine Arts or Athletics program, respectively. An astounding 60% of students in grades 7-12 participate in both Fine Arts and Athletics! The current gymnasium is home to every major school event CCA hosts, including the theatrical plays and musicals, the SpringFest Art Show, Graduations, Grandparents & Special Friends Day, All-School Chapels and Assemblies, Worship Nights, and of course Athletic Events.


As we look to the future, it is clear that Covenant must continue to improve program offerings to meet the needs of our growing student body, while sustaining our legacy of excellence.  To remain competitive among private schools in the area, and to reach our optimum enrollment levels, our facilities must continue to expanded to be the “right size” for our student population and programatic needs.




To better fulfill its mission and vision, CCA proposes to build a new 12,000 square foot facility capable of meeting current, and future, program needs. The proposed facility provides for:

  • Revised pickup/drop-off traffic flow
  • New main entrance to the School
  • 3,000 sq. ft. lobby with changing rooms and bathrooms
  • Ample storage for Fine Arts and Athletics
  • Two perpendicular basketball courts and one full size court
  • Bleacher seating for ~225 people with floor seating to 500 person capacity
  • Full audio and video integration and acoustic design for assemblies, lectures, and performances
  • Glass hallway connection to current main entrance to the School

Furthering the Mission

The proposed athletic facility advances the mission of Covenant Christian Academy through enhancement of community and by supporting programs that significantly contribute to our student’s character development, spiritual formation, and pursuit of individual gifts and abilities.


Connolly Brothers, a local design/build firm, was selected as CCA’s construction partner. Project feasibility shows a construction start date of April 2020 with a completion date of October 2020.  Total project costs = $3,000,000.


Building Plan for the Performing Arts and Athletics Center.

Proposed lobby of The Performing Arts and Athletic Center.

The Performing Arts and Athletic Center, athletic set up.

The Performing Arts and Athletic Center, performance and assembly set up.

Secondary Hallway in the Performing Arts and Athletic Center.






The Imagine the Possibilities campaign kicked off in the Spring of 2019 with the goal of raising $3 million to fund planning and construction. As of November 1, 2019, $2 million is already committed to the campaign. 


There is no way for us to complete this project without your help!  Every single gift, no matter the amount, will help us reach our goal of $1 million dollars. 



    • Cash or Checks can be dropped off at, or mailed to, the CCA Main Office at 83 Pine Street, Peabody, MA 01960.
    • Donate Online with a credit card through Paypal

Our intention is to recognize every gift that is given to the Performing Arts and Athletics Center campaign. Whether it take the form of a Wall of Gratitude,  sidewalk pavers, or other means of recognition, your name will be permanently recorded as having Stepped Boldly with us in this campaign.


Covenant Christian Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Federal Tax ID #04-3170101.

Supporter Testimonies


Why I support the Imagine the Possibilities Campaign…




CCA Parent of three grammar school students at Covenant Christian Academy





CCA Alumni from the Class of 2016. Currently a Senior at Wheaton College (IL)




Q: Is this just a gym to support CCA Athletics?

A: No. The proposed facility will support multiple community events hosted at CCA such as graduation and Senior Symposium day, and support CCA’s growing Fine Arts program. This includes the drama program, theater, and musicals, including school concerts. As it pertains to athletics, our varsity teams are unable to use the existing gym for practices and games, which means CCA must rent space and host home games off campus. This limits further community development in support of CCA’s athletics. Although our current gymnasium is home to theater and concert events, CCA is forced to schedule multiple events as the gym is not large enough to fully seat the CCA community and guests. Each of those issues are remedied with the new facility.


Q: Why an athletic facility and why now?

A: Due to robust enrollment and program growth, CCA has outgrown its existing 3,600 sq. ft. gymnasium. The proposed facility is not the result of a “build it and they will come” paradigm. The demand for, and necessity of, a larger facility exists now and is only increasing each year. The existing gymnasium will be retained and used by CCA’s lower school.


Q: Is CCA financially sustainable:

A: Yes! God continues to bless CCA with healthy enrollment and a facility ownership structure which allows the School to benefit from receiving rental income. This allows CCA to offer tremendous value for the education and experience it provides and financially support mission aligned families desiring a Covenant education. As CCA grows, it will continue to assume space from its existing tenants and increase its square footage within the existing facility footprint. This is a cost effective way of growing and affords CCA the ability to grow in a reasonable and prudent manner. CCA enjoyed 5.75% average annual enrollment growth over the past 5 years, and 8% average annual revenue growth over the same period.


Q: Is CCA prepared for the enrollment growth that an athletic facility may cause?

A: Yes. It is no secret that a new athletic facility will increase the annual enrollment at CCA, potentially significantly in the Upper School. Currently, CCA has sufficient space to grow to approximate total enrollment of 415, or 30% from current levels, before needing to take over tenant space. Our tenant leases were structured in such a way that considered this eventual reality. As enrollment grows, CCA will continue to add mission-aligned, competent faculty and staff to ensure current standards of excellence are upheld. CCA remains committed to admitting mission-aligned families while leveraging the new facility to support, not drive, the mission of the School.