CCA Expansion
Not only did the Lord bring Covenant through the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lord grew and prospered our School in amazing ways! Prior space planning and enrollment projections showed that Covenant would reach the capacity of its current footprint by 2025, however, we reached those limits this school year after enrollment grew by 40% through the pandemic. God continues to make for Himself and for us, a premier Classical Christian school here on the North Shore of Boston demonstrating yet again, that He is not done working in and through Covenant! 


To open this school year with adequate capacity, we doubled the size of the cafeteria, added new classroom space, storage space, and offices. Although those new spaces will see us through this current school year, they are inadequate to support program and enrollment growth in the future. Therefore, we are boldly embarking on a new capital campaign which aims to raise between $1-$1.5MM over the next 12-18 months. Yes, this campaign builds physical space and expands Covenant’s footprint, but the ultimate purpose of the campaign is to build future Christian leaders and expand the Lord’s kingdom!


The “God’s Not Done” campaign adds new classrooms, new science labs, teacher work spaces, and administrative offices. It also plans for community spaces, new Fine Arts space to support incredible program growth, and a dedicated USLR (Grades 7-12) student academic support center. Increased academic support capabilities are also planned for Covenant’s Grammar School. The goal of enhanced student academic support is to equip students in deeper ways and across different learning styles, assisting each student in reaching their maximum potential. Each of these investments ensures that Covenant continues and enhances its legacy of academic, spiritual, and social formation. These new spaces will provide an environment where relationships can be nurtured and individual gifts and abilities discovered and ignited for the glory of the Lord!


Partner With Us

We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us in this capital campaign to expand Covenant’s physical space and missional capabilities. Your financial support, no matter the amount, is valued and directly impacts current and future students. This expansion is key to providing what Covenant needs to support our thriving programs and continue to comprehensively serve this great mission in the months and years to come.


We wondered if God was finished growing Covenant’s impact after He gave us the Performing Arts and Athletic Center and thrived through Covid… 


He is not done. Not yet. Not even close! 



– David

David K. Anastasi
Interim Head of School