Ace and Stefany Hofeldt
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Ace and Stefany Hofeldt A.J. '23, Willem '24 Parent Testimonial

This is the place for me!” said our eldest son after his shadow day at CCA. It was music to my ears and we’ve never looked back. We’d experienced several North Shore private schools yet never before had we seen such a glow from either of our boys after spending a full day at CCA. I will also say that, as parents, we’ve never felt so welcome or culturally aligned as we have at CCA. We all realized that “This is the place for our family.” Fast forward to present and we stand fully validated that our first impressions of CCA were spot-on and actually even better. The excellence of CCA is the result of years of continuous improvement thanks to seasoned leadership, outstanding faculty and caring families. Some highlights worthy of note that characterize the CCA family:

  • Kindness and spirituality: At the core of CCA are the values that foster authentic relationships based on the innate goodness of youth and God. Students are supportive of one another in all regards and the parents and faculty fully embrace the highest level of integrity and spirituality.
  • Passion and talent: At CCA seeing is believing and the faculty make classwork fun and they feed the curiosity of children with exceptionally well thought out class curricula from art & Science to spirituality. Never before have I seen faculty put so much energy and thoughtfulness into how the material is presented to make it exciting and enriching.
  • Technical Strength: Science, Math and Robotics are all evangelized at CCA with faculty and support staff always willing to go the extra mile to make the experience that much more stimulating, challenging and fun. Hands-on bot building, math club and new computer labs provide students with great opportunities including evenings and weekends.
  • Culture of intellegentia: As a parent (and student), it’s delightful to walk the halls and overhear lessons in Latin, puzzles of profound logic, the drama of theatre or simply a pick-up game of Chess. CCA promotes deep thought, creative and artful expression and what I believe to be a remarkably well-balanced left- and right-brain academic content.
  • Opportunities for Parental Involvement: One of my most cherished opportunities to help was as chaperone at a multi-day Christian winter-camping event which was back-to-back indoor/outdoor fun and great spiritual learning opportunities for everyone. Support for afterschool projects is also a fantastic opportunity and I’m sure many more opportunities will arise in the future. It’s an exceptionally supportive and collaborative relationship fostered by CCA that allows parents to get involved.

We are thankful to the CCA family that has made us feel at home and part of something truly great.

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