Riley Bradford
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Riley Bradford Class of 2017 Alumni Testimonial

At first glance, it'd be difficult for an outsider to see how a small, classical school like Covenant Christian Academy could prepare me to thrive in a considerably larger, secular university like Elon University. First glances, however, are often the most deceiving. CCA has given me the most important foundational skills a high school student could receive, empowering me to excel in my studies and to already make steps towards my career post-grad. In my classes, I have a clear understanding of what it means to think critically and how to write in a persuasive and fluid manner. In addition to my studies, I've been able to look for and create numerous career opportunities, and am now writing comedy for two college television shows as well as currently writing my own short film, with a hopeful production date of next year.


But the most important gift given to me by CCA is not the grammar, the logic or the rhetoric, although they are all important. The most important thing I was taught at CCA is the knowledge that there each person I encounter is, in their own way, an image of the divine, a traveler on a constant journey to find and understand God's absolute truth. The journey we embark on is full of dangerous relative truths and important dialogues on perspective and privilege, but CCA has given me a compass that always points me towards true north, a gift that I will carry with me the rest of my life.

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