Matt and Iana Ostrowski
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Matt and Iana Ostrowski Asher '16, Tate '18, Zeke '21, Elizabeth (6th) Parent Testimonial

We dropped our son Asher off at college this past August.  Any anxiety or sadness at seeing him go was overcome by the realization that he is ready for this exciting new adventure. Covenant Christian Academy has had a huge part in this.  Students receive an excellent classical education, within the intimacy of a small classroom size, led by invested teachers who truly love God and their students. Mandatory involvement in sports and the arts allow for a permission and grace to be given to each student despite any short comings.  There is a daily focus on God as Creator and sustainer of all life, and this is fully integrated into all of the students' studies. They are truly challenged to understand Biblical truth as it relates with history, literature, math, science, language, rhetoric, art and music.


Within this inspiring atmosphere, Asher went from being a quiet, often fearful and removed student (at his former school) to an involved student who readily joined classroom discussions without fear.  He thoroughly enjoyed playing two sports per year and he built meaningful and lasting relationships with both the students and the teachers who took the time to recognize his potential and encourage him to try new things and push himself.  As a result of these insights and encouragement, Asher was ready to apply for an engineering program and was accepted into an academically challenging college.  Having improved markedly in sports (which he formerly didn't play), he is now eager to join the intramural sports program at his college.  And perhaps most importantly, Asher has grappled with God's truth as it relates to knowledge and culture in ways that post modern thought won't easily trip him up as he walks with the Lord.  We are so grateful for CCA and are so glad our next three children are experiencing this same excellent education.


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