Mrs. Ashley Valletta
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Mrs. Ashley Valletta 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty Testimonial

When I first began teaching, I truly believed that you had to create your own success in the classroom.  I felt that if I could organize everything perfectly, and fit everything in its correct place, then my classroom would run smoothly.  I taught my first year at a public school in Florida, and my view completely changed.  I had grown up in a Christian school setting, and it wasn’t until I taught in a different type of schooling system that I realized how I had taken community for granted and the effect it can have on a successful classroom. After much prayer and consideration, I decided to return back to the Christian school setting, and not a day goes by that there isn’t some confirmation that this school was the place God had for me.


Teaching at CCA is something I thank God for daily.  It is completely different from a large, public school setting for so many reasons.  I have an incredible support system composed of highly trained educators.  We collaborate and strive to make our lessons as beneficial as possible for each type of learner.  I can go to any of my colleagues at anytime for advice and I know their response will be rooted in a genuine love and interest for the individual success of each child.  This same community could certainly be achieved at any small school, but the big difference comes in the truth we all cling to—the truth of Christ.  I can be confident that all my fellow teachers are not only concerned with the academic growth of the students, faculty, and staff, but they are also concerned with their spiritual health.  This transforms daily conversations and allows me, as an educator, to rest assured that the students are being loved within the framework of the truth.  


Beyond the faculty and staff, the community that exists within the families that attend CCA overwhelms me each and every year.  When you step into this school, you become an integral part of a family.  I have watched the CCA family celebrate major life events with inexplicable joy, and also surround families with love and prayer during life’s storms.  The CCA family embraces every student, parent, faculty, and staff member with open arms, ready to serve them in times of need and love them unconditionally.  


After working at CCA, it became clear to me that a truly successful classroom is not something to be achieved alone.  Students can receive a good, solid education this way, but it is through the community that CCA provides that I believe students receive the highest quality education within four loving and Christ-centered walls.  

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