Jeremy and Rachel Pekari
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Jeremy and Rachel Pekari Students Nathaniel ’20, Joshua ‘22 and Elijah ‘22 Parent Testimonial

CCA understands the importance of education for the whole person.  Our kids are not just little brains running around to be stuffed with facts and figures.  Our kids are mind, body, and spirit.  CCA knows that the task of education goes beyond the classroom so that the whole person grows to its fullest.  What happens during chapel, fine arts and athletics, field trips and travel week, the cafeteria, and on the playground IS education.  CCA has a better classroom experience than most schools, but what makes it the BEST is its vision to educate the whole child. 


We love that CCA is just the right size.  The small student to teacher ratio means that the needs of the whole child are recognized and met.  The administration knows our kids’ names and even knows their stories.  Our kids are gaining new experiences and trying new things.  The teachers are invested in the lives of their students both inside and outside of the classroom. At CCA our kids are not swept up in a stream of students and don’t lose out on opportunities because they are just a number.  We get a high quality and personalized education.  CCA proves that bigger is not always better.  Thanks CCA!!!

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