Carl and Darlene Farris
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Carl and Darlene Farris Student Adam '20 Parent Testimonial

Our experience at CCA has been outstanding.  Our children, son (15)  and daughter (12), attended CCA for their elementary years until our family moved to another town in Massachusetts where they shifted to the local public school.  Our daughter enjoyed her new classes and peers, but our son found his classes, instructors and peers disappointing in comparison to CCA.  Likewise, he felt his faith being challenged since few of his new friends were Christians and he was in the turbulent years of middle school.  He felt disappointed and challenged from all sides and he did not know what to do.  Last year, our son asked us if he could return to CCA for his 8th grade year and through various means we made it happen.  The turnaround we saw in our son’s personality, excitement for school, interest in activities, and faith in God was stunning.  We saw our son go from dreading every day of school to approaching each day with a motivation to excel in his studies, excitement to see his classmates and teachers, and a drive to participate in many of the activities offered by the school.  The supportive community along with quality educators and leadership was the exact medicine our son needed in order to thrive.  We are grateful for CCA and its leadership as they seek to provide an outstanding education and supportive faith based community.  CCA has made a tremendous difference not only in our son’s life but the rest of our family as well!

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