Mr. Warren Wegrzyn
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Mr. Warren Wegrzyn Upper School History Teacher Faculty Testimonial

I love many things about working at Covenant Christian Academy: the students with so much opportunity before them, the parents who sacrifice for their kids, and the incredible faculty full of wisdom and grace.  For me, the most profound aspect of work at CCA is the confluence of calling and vocation.  As both a Christian and a scholar, Covenant has sharpened my understanding of God’s interaction with humanity over the course of history.  The atmosphere of personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth combine to make me a better teacher and a better Christian.


The study of history begins with the records that we have from the past, written or otherwise.  Humans use these texts to understand themselves individually and corporately, usually through stories and narratives.  We put together pieces to make sense of the whole.  Without these stories we would be left to handle life with only our immediate lived experience.  Historians from all backgrounds would agree with these basic assertions, but the Christian historian has yet a deeper meaning to the study of history.  When Christ reveals himself as the Logos, or word, it indicates that these records can be one of the ways we understand divine activity in the world. 


At Covenant Christian Academy, history is not just a catalogue of events, but a tapestry of God’s weaving.  The study of history trains us to consider how the experience of other people at other places and times informs our lives today. As such it is inherently generous, inviting some very distant strangers to enter our lives.  This intellectual hospitality is something that the Christian historian can practice because we know that the author and perfecter of the human story is Christ himself. 


This is the perspective that I get to teach from at Covenant Christian Academy, and it is a deep truth that makes my daily work more meaningful.  I want my students to consider a timeless God who steps into human history so they apply the Gospel to their daily lives.

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