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5/21/2017 - Students in grades 7-12, along with our dedicated Upper School faculty, are taking their learning on the road this week. Students will have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning in real and meaningful ways. Here is a sneak peek at where students are this week:
Students depart early Monday morning to tour the great Civil War battlefield and understand their recent history lessons in a new light.  Students also see the Amish culture and see a biblically themed dramatic production.  Finally students learn about immigration to the United States first-hand as they visit the Tenement Museum and Ellis Island.

Students departed early Sunday morning and will visit the great government buildings and memorials of our nation’s capital.  They tour the Capitol, the Smithsonian (Air and Space Museum), the Holocaust Museum, the Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Martin Luther King memorials, and many other sites.



Students departed early Sunday morning and will be visiting a famous wetlands and island protected area off of Virginia.  They work with a local science research field station to do a variety of observations and labs both at sea and on land.



Students depart Monday morning and will learn about the Native American and French colonial history of North America’s most European city.  There are many opportunities to discuss art and architecture as well as the strategic importance of the St. Lawrence river.  Culinary delights also figure highly in the students’ experiences.


GRADE 11:  "A Hard Thing" - Hiking in the Adirondacks 

The Junior Class chooses a “hard thing” that will challenge them physically and mentally.  They will need to be strong individually and also support one another as a team.  This year the Junior Class will be challenging themselves by completing a four day hiking trip, traversing 35 miles up and down the Adirondack Mountains while carrying all of their supplies on their backs. On the final day, the Juniors will be summiting Mt. Marcy, the highest peak in New York (5,343 feet,). The Class of 2018 has taken on this challenge in an effort to raise awareness and money for the refugee families that live in the Boston area already. If you'd like to make a donation towards their efforts you can do so here.


GRADE 12:  NEW YORK CITY (6 DAYS)  The Senior Class left Sunday morning to embark on an ethnic and cultural tour of cosmopolitan New York City.  They will visit Jewish, Chinese, African American, and Italian neighborhoods.  They will also visit the great historical and cultural treasures of NYC by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the 9-11 Museum, a Broadway show (Wicked), the Tenement Museum, walk the Brooklyn Bridge and circle Manhattan Island by boat. 

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