The Beauty of Student Led Chapel Worship
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Why am I so excited to go to Chapel each week? I love it when the community comes together to worship Jesus. Something that thrills me about worshipping at CCA is the student led worship bands. For the past two weeks we have been led by the Rhetoric School worship band. I believe that next week the Logic School worship band will begin leading LS chapels as well. The students are accomplished musicians that are using their gifts for the glory of God. I once heard Rev. Tim Keller (Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in NYC) say about music in worship: “Excellence is inclusive.” He meant that if you have strong accomplished musicians leading worship that everyone feels invited in and no one is distracted by music that calls attention to itself in the wrong way. It warms my heart to see a Rhetoric School rhythm section made up mostly of accomplished seniors like Peter Grifoni, Riley Bradford, Mikey Gergely, and Michael Gonzales. They are providing musical structure for a talented group of vocalists like Emma Schell, Amanda Guerriero, Debbie Mikalixen, Julia Pawlyk, and Adam Farris. Freshman pianist Brianna Benkley and senior violinist Mike Tammaro provide melody support for this excellent band. All of this is done under the expert guidance of the multitalented Mr. Jordan Willis who not only teaches math at CCA but also is a wonderful musician and band director.


As I stand to sing each week I find I am invited in to the worship by these students who are working as one to lead us into the beauty of worshiping Jesus. I have never sensed an ostentatious spirit or any self-seeking glory on the part of these musicians and vocalists. They are there with one purpose in mind, to help us all see Jesus. It is such a blessing to be lead by students whose hearts are in the right place and whose talents are joyfully employed in the service of God and the community. I am sure that our students feel powerfully drawn to worship because their classmates are leading them. Though applause is never sought I feel a strong sense of gratitude on the part of the whole community for these musicians.


I look forward to the Logic School worship band, also under the direction of Mr. Willis, beginning to lead us in the weeks ahead as well. I hope parents will have an opportunity to join us for worship when they can — it is a high-hearted, Jesus-centered experience that will raise spirits and bless souls.


Parents, you are invited to join us for US Chapel each Wednesday morning.



By Mr. David Church, Upper School of Logic and Rhetoric Principal


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